Guiding Principles

Our Guiding Principles define the way we work while creating a powerful and unified framework for executing our vision.

Hard work & Persistence

Hard work and persistence are two defining building blocks of our work culture. We believe that hard work and persistence towards achieving our vision and mission serves as a strong competitive advantage of our entire team.

Continuous Improvement & Innovation

We continuously evaluate our practices and find new and improved ways for each aspect of our business and its processes. Attention to detail by diving into the smallest details of each aspect of the business is required – no process improvement is too small, and while we focus on Continuous Improvement, we retain a focus on bringing in new leap innovations that help us retain our position as market creators.

People & Passion

Our people are our strongest assets, and we focus on creating the most conducive atmosphere and structures for people to perform to their maximum potential. We believe that passion is contagious, and passion for your work, your results, for developing people and for delivering great food experiences, helps our team members build a strong work culture and a powerful and successful organization.

Growth & Sustainability

We build our organizations with an ethos of sustainable growth through taking calculated risks, institutionalizing business processes, disseminating new learnings throughout the organization, and focusing on long-term results v/s shortsightedness.

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