Across the corporation and region, we build long-term relationships with all our landlords, brand partners, franchisees, and marketing partners
Partnership Opportunities
We proactively work with all our partners from different corners of the world to achieve new milestones and create exceptional value through joint efforts and win-win partnership structure. If you feel there are opportunities for our organizations to work together, please do reach out to us based on the below opportunities.
Real Estate
We are constantly looking to partner with new properties and landlords/developers to create long-term win-win relationships to develop your prime properties as high quality food and beverage destinations within your cities.
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Food Service Requirements
We are always on a look out to hear from organizations and assist you to manage your entire food and beverage requirements, whether it's managing all your food and beverage facilities, catering for the large or small events of your organization, or managing large scale food & beverage concessions/developments for you. For further details on how we can add value to the varied food and beverage needs of your organization, please reach out to us at:
food & beverage Brands
As a national food & beverage corporation, we offer opportunities to work with brands for the Indian subcontinent, as well as offer opportunities to work together jointly (as franchisees or lessors) across our real estate holdings, whether it be malls where we hold large areas, or our travel locations such as airports across the country. To contact us for food & beverage or franchise partnerships for the Indian subcontinent, please contact us at:
We seek individuals who bring passion and resources to work with some of our signature brands such as Copper Chimney, Bombay Brasserie and Irish House for franchise opportunities domestically and internationally. An ideal franchising candidate should align with our Guiding Principles, have prior management level experience and have the required financial resources to set up the outlets. We look for franchisees who are committed to be involved in the business and ensure its success on an ongoing basis. Please reach out to us by filling the following form:

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Brand and Marketing Alliances
Should there be opportunities where we can add value to your brand through any form of alliance/partnership, please reach out to us with your thoughts on how we can work together to promote your brand and its goals. In case of any opportunity to partner with us or for any queries do not hesitate to write in to us at :
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