Our Story
A legacy and history that extends over 45 years since our founding in 1972
Our Story

The first Copper Chimney opens its doors in Mumbai, India (1972)

The group extends into banqueting and outdoor catering services (1990s)

Operations expand further into multi-concept restaurant operations, food concessions, bars and cafes (2000s)

Continued growth leads to entry into travel F&B services, first class lounge management, and sports catering. (2010s)

K Hospitality Corp was founded over 40 years ago in Mumbai, India by Mr. J.K. Kapur (or "JK" as he was fondly known). He had migrated to Mumbai from modern day Pakistan on top of a train with his sisters and a few suitcases in tow, and landed in Mumbai to build his life from scratch. Over the years he built up a movie production business, but his passion for food had defined his life and ultimately led him to start an Indian restaurant known as "Copper Chimney" in the heart of Mumbai.
Since its launch, Copper Chimney has been considered a pioneer in the Indian restaurant space, with a live open kitchen, one of the first in India, along with superlative tasty Indian food served in a high-end ambience. Guests would line up at the display kitchen to watch "Ustad's" (highly qualified chefs who had carried culinary traditions down for generations) tossing Copper Chimney's signature Roomali Rotis in the air and preparing fresh grilled kebabs.
Today, built on the foundation of providing memorable high quality food experiences to their guests, K Hospitality Corp has expanded to become one of the top hospitality & food service companies in India, privately held, with operations across:

Specialty Restaurants









Large-Scale F&B Venues Concession Management






Outdoor Catering



Sports and Corporate Catering



Travel Retail



Led by the Kapur Family and a team of professionals across its various verticals, K Hospitality Corp operate across 400+ locations in India, expanding into the Middle East, with a strong and focused development plan to continue to grow as a leading and well-respected food and beverage player in the food & beverage industry of the region.
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